Tuyaafety is of utmost importance to us at The Original ScrapBox. We want you to be able to enjoy your furniture without any worries or concerns.  

Problemas de montaje

If you notice a gap in any of the joints or panels of your WorkBox or Ultimate SewingBox, it was not assembled or built correctly and needs additional hardware to prevent your box from further separation or damage.

Please email us and we can send you hardware and instructions for installation, strengthening your furniture for many years.

801-226- 2686 MF 9-5 MST


Kit de seguridad

Our Security Kit secures your furniture to the wall, helping to avoid tip-overs, keeping you and your family safe.  

Safety Straps will be included free of charge with your purchase of the WorkBox 3.0 and the Ultimate SewingBox.  (Main picture shows Safety Strap hidden from view from a 6"1' perspective.)